we are jen and bryan danger.
local portland artists/designers seeking a lifestyle that breaks the norm.
pdxdesignworks is a collection of our recent works.

A few years ago we dropped out of society, purged our belongings and moved into our tiny home on wheels (a 67 vw bus we retrofitted into a custom camper).  For the next year we road-tripped through mexico and central america exploring remote beaches and seeking renewed inspiration.  We found it!

We are now living in portland, OR and are attempting to redesign our “normal” adult life by following our passions, living simply and chasing our creative spirits.

Our work ranges from artwork to handmade furniture items, custom trailer/campers to architectural and interior design consultation/installation. It focuses on clean lines and truth in details.  Green resources and reclaimed materials are used extensively as we like our materials to (like us) have already had one life before we change it into something else.

Please feel free to contact us about you project, inspiration or ideas.
drop us an email at brydanger at gmail dot com
We love the brainstorming process and are interested to learn how we might be able to help make your project happen!


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